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  1. Zektr

    [Campaign] Run Wild the Sky

    Run Wild the Sky Overview Like all the dwarves, Wildhammers are descendants of the earthen. We can call them feral and untamed, but these great warriors can mean big threat for every enemy. With their best friends, tamed noble gryphons, Wildhammer dwarves are true lords of the sky, along with...
  2. Tagar

    Request- orc siege warriors

    can somebody make this it should have custom attack animations. its suposed to be a mele siege unit but i want you give custom alternate animations, Morf: split the spear in two, the orcs put the pieces in their backs at the same time they take out their weapons (an axe and a spear) morf...
  3. JaredVeatz

    FWA: Suggestions For Future Updates

    GOOD DAY EVERYONE! I'm currently working on the next update for my map Furry Warriors Arena v1.6 and I need your help. If you don't know anything about the map then here's the link: Furry Warriors Arena v1.6w It's basically an arena map and I need some ideas from you guys so if you have any...
  4. Putoboggz

    Let's Play Furry Warriors Arena... Anyone?

    Does anyone here knows how to play FWA? I want to play with some "Real People" cuz Im tired of playing with the AI... You know so that I can see how players play this map... ;):) Here's the map: Furry Warriors Arena v1.6w