warcraft 3 world editor

  1. GA3758-in-hiveworkshop

    [General] hashtable for strings

    I wonder if somebody else is active here, but I want to create a trigger for code strings, which can be stored and used in the same map. example: -code BW Z4Z -code BWX nT6 I'll appreciate your help in advance if you are willing ☺
  2. Kadel

    Increasing the priority of attack on a unit of a certain type

    I am new to War3 World Editor and I am trying to do monster waves that will attack the player's/computer 's camp. I made a custom unit called "City Gate", just to block monsters for a certain amount of time in terrain passages. I assumed that the enemy units would attack the gate in priority...
  3. MoCu

    Unit production similar to zerg

    Hey. Im recently making a wc3 mod where all four races are replaced by dwarves, goblins, nerubians and one more (not sure which to choose yet :P). I've got an idea to make nerubians make units like zerg in sc2 (or should i say similar). Now i got 2 units for one type (for example Nerubian Drone...
  4. Light Perseveran

    Creating a co-op?

    I remember seeing in the Rise of the Sin'dorei campaign there was a "forces" match with Illidan and Vashj. Is it possible to recreate something like that and if so. How would it be done?
  5. Adorm

    Which Font does the World Editor for Warcraft 3 Use?

    Hey Guys, Title is self-explanatory I'm hoping, but the font I'm specifically talking about here is the one used by the editor when writing Trigger Comments and such. Just curious what the Font itself is, hoping to use it in Word when I write as I really like it for some primordial reason...