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  1. Thrall_head.png


  2. Warchief Thrall (Mounted, Snowsong)

    Warchief Thrall (Mounted, Snowsong)

  3. Warchief Thrall (Mounted)

    Warchief Thrall (Mounted)

  4. Warchief Thrall (Dismounted)

    Warchief Thrall (Dismounted)

  5. Orgrim Doomhammer

    Orgrim Doomhammer

  6. Warchief Thrall Dismounted

    Warchief Thrall Dismounted

  7. Stonemaul Ogre Warchief

    Stonemaul Ogre Warchief

  8. Stonemaul Ogre Warchief Alternate

    Stonemaul Ogre Warchief Alternate

  9. Warchief Thrall (Snowsong Mount)

    Warchief Thrall (Snowsong Mount)

  10. Warchief Thrall

    Warchief Thrall

  11. Undead Bastion

    Undead Bastion

    A screen from the newest AGERRON chapter!
  12. Ner'zhul, The Elder Shaman

    Ner'zhul, The Elder Shaman

    Filename: Nerzhul.mdx Filesize: 87.5 KB Included Textures: 0 In-Game Textures: 11 Animations: 13 Polygons: 721 Particle Emitters: 1 Filename: Nerzhul_Portrait.mdx Filesize: 52.5 KB Included Textures: 0 In-Game Textures: 4 Animations: 6 Polygons: 302 Particle Emitters: 2