1. Background Undead - WorldEditor

    Background Undead - WorldEditor

    based on undead reforged wallpaper
  2. Background NightElf Campaign

    Background NightElf Campaign

  3. Background (Extended)

    Background (Extended)

  4. SevLlanto

    Orc / Night Elf / Undead / Wallpaper Adaptation

    I tried to adapt the well-known reforged campaign funds but in the world editor. Playing a bit with the terrain, customizing some elements for each composition, also playing with the lighting to highlight areas and darken some. Some behind-the-scenes screenshots: Night Elf Campaign Process...
  5. Kp-chrome


    This is a random made Desktop Wallpaper, if you want me to remove the black background, just tell me! :D Image and Logo Copyrights: -Leauge of Legends Summoners Rift and Logo are owned by Riot Games. -Dota2's Ancient and Logo are owned by Valve.