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  1. Insanity_AI

    Patchwork - MapConverter

    Introduction Patchwork - MapConverter is a Node.js console application used to convert between warcraft III's map binaries and their JSON representation. This allows for easier way of distributing map's source code through git and potentially being able to resolve merge conflicts for stuff that...
  2. Carlos.X

    FDF file vscode syntax extension and color4wc3text

    War3Fdf Support text color highlighting and automatic function supplement install: demo: color4wc3text This is a vscode extension Makes the string prefix of Warcraft 3 recognized and modified by the color picker Support Lua, wurst, jass and other file structures Demo QQ's discussion...
  3. Frotty

    Best of the Wurst 8

    . This month we addressed some older issues, as well as adding juicy new features. Our spotlight this time is about new vscode features. We also want to say thanks to the community for the avid support and contributions in the last few months, helping Wurst to become better than ever! Tool...