1. Nortander

    [HD/Misc] Reforged quality-like Val'Kyr icon

    Hello there! :vw_love: I am using the Dark Val'Kyr model from WoW in several maps and even a campain of mine, and I could really use of an icon for it. Could you make one? I only play Reforge now so it should be high quality (that's why I'm not taking the few that already exist on the Hive)...
  2. Homor

    Golden Val'kyr

    With World of Warcraft's new(ish) golden, purified Val'kyr, I think it's time someone helped translate this awesome concept into Warcraft 3. They would be fantastic for some kind of Norse Myth themed map and they'd be a great contrast to the undead Valkyr made the excellent Sellinkso.