1. Cheshire

    [Trigger] really weird bug with "replace unit" on creeps

    hey, So I made a spell that issues an order to the target -at lev 1 to move to a random point, and at lev2,3 to attack a random enemy of the caster . I also added to lev 3 of the spell "replace unit" so it would also take the target unit out of any control groups its in (with help from...
  2. Mathayis

    Play offline is grayed out and unselectable :/ *Solved*

    Heey, Well...Can't seem to play wc3 anymore :p I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck, it made it worse actually by not allowing me to play on the older patches I have :/ Any how....When launching Warcraft 3 I still get that error message, and also It won't even allow me to play...