unit dies

  1. Masky

    [Trigger] Need help with on die spell

    Hello, i need help with this GUI trigger! cant make it work. My zombies lose mana when they're not in combat. When they get any damage, they win some mana. The idea was that when a zombie dyes, if he have more than certain amount of mana, he explodes causing some dmg to nearby units, but i dont...
  2. Hannesburgo

    [Solved] Check if an ability kills an unit and do certain effect

    Hello there! I am creating a new ability to my hero called Plunder. The skill itself is a point-and-click damaging skill that, if kills an unit, gives the player gold. The problem is: Whenever I try a new solution, two of the scenarios happen: 1) The player gains gold even if it doesnt kill...
  3. Voxelvoid

    When a unit dies, its current mana is converted to gold

    If I have a Sheep, its max mana is 100 and it has 1 mana/sec regen. When its current mana reaches, for example, 60. The player then kills the Sheep and the player gains 60 gold. How do I make a trigger for that? Please explain with a STEP-BY-STEP guide. EDIT: Garfield1337 posted a very logical...