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unit control

  1. nicolas97p

    Who is controlling the unit?

    Hey! Is there any way, through triggers or any means, to be able to tell which player is giving a shared unit commands? For example: A player in a team of 10 players leaves and thus their control is shared to all 9 remaining allies. Then one of these people commands the units to attack each...
  2. fireblasts

    [Trigger] Getting units to cast spells in a mul instances

    Hello im working on a map like Survival choas but ive ran into an issue that i forsaw a long time ago and never quite figured out how to fix the issue. The issue is that i get units to cast their spells but the units sometimes freeze and do nothing and will not cast an ability when ordered not...
  3. Flamable

    [General] Castle Fight styled game - win, rounds, random pick

    I would like to create a game that is similar to the Castle Fight games. The code my game lacks are: - how to let hosting player decide number of rounds - make the builders spawn randomly for players when player 1 types "-ar" - make the players chose their builder when player 1 types in "-ap" -...
  4. hypsandar

    [General] How to allow players to change allies in game?

    Hello! ツ I have been googling this but couldn't find any related results. I am making a map, how do i allow players to change their allies, vision and unit control while the game is running and they are playing the map? I also would like to keep player 1 to computer since its a "shop" which...