1. darkravenbest

    SetUnit X,Y to Exact another unit center.

    I have a little problem with trigger which constantly moving one unit using SetUnitX and SetUnitY to the center(exact X,Y coordinates of another unit), and noticed a problem that when unit is moved on this coordinates which i got using GetUnitX and GetUnitY is not exact center, visually it feels...
  2. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [AI] Turret AI works well most of the time but freezes now and then?

    Hello all, I'm most of the way there on this one, but I can't quite figure out the last bit. My map is similar to League of Legends - there are lanes that you go down, destroying turrets on the way. Like League of Legends, I want the turrets' AI to prioritize attacking minions/non-hero units...
  3. SentryTurret Terrain WIP

    SentryTurret Terrain WIP

    Really can't seem to make fog behave the way I want it to. But hey, that's what Photoshop's for. Even though I'm calling this a wip, the final image is actually sorta done : p
  4. SentryTurret Preview

    SentryTurret Preview

    Dropped all other wips to remaster another one of my old models lol I'm about 70% done with this model now -- only need to add Death, Decay, and Portrait animations then I'll get ready to upload it