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  1. Angelicmuse

    Help creating custom aura ability

    Disclaimer: Relatively new to map making in general and still learning how to make various abilities function. I'm trying to create an ability that toggles between two or more different aura. Basically just press the ability to change from one effect to another. The actual effects of which are...
  2. cobalte

    [General] Unit - Set Unit Weapon Integer Field

    Hey all, I'm trying to create an ability that toggles between a unit being able to attack Wards or not. I've based the ability off of "Defend", and am calling it based on the order ID. The two very short triggers: I think this is what I'm looking for but I'm not entirely sure what ua1g's...
  3. Eikonium

    Multiple Toggle Abilities in Spellbook

    Hi guys, I have created multiple custom toggle abilities (with turn on/off) that are based on the ability Manashield (I chose Manashield as a basis, because the ability should not interrupt the units current order). I want to use them on the same unit within a spellbook, but get two problems...
  4. AlfredKristal

    [Spell] Can't get phoenix fire-based ability toggling to work

    Hi First of all, I'm very new to working in the world editor so I might be overlooking something very obvious.. :) anyway, I have been working on a pretty simple spell which makes the caster spray ice on surrounding enemies. This is supposed to be a toggle ability like mana shield or...