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  1. Pr0nogo

    [General] Attempting to make functioning AI

    War3 AI has a lot of crippling issues that I have to resolve if I'm going to make large scale singleplayer maps. The first major one is that it sometimes retreats after killing 5 units or 1 tower rather than continuing to attack like in other RTS games. I believe this could be related to...
  2. Velmarshal

    [Aeon of Strife] Endless Tussle

    Endless Tussle And yes this was the inspiration for the name: Revengers: Endless tussle Last test: 28th July Currently working on: Primary Fixing the respawn system (seems to work properly atm) Hero selection messaging Secondary Making items "less shit" Nerfing speed abilities (they are a bit...
  3. SerennaSM

    Just Three Simple Questions

    Hello, guys These are just three simple doubts about the world editor. 1. I've read that in a guide here in the forums, but I cannot seem to find it again. I just need to remember how do I work on a unit's damage dice. I know it is in the Object Editor and I know which options I must use, I...