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  1. Dickie

    World Editor Trigger editor IDE

    Im a c++ developer and am trying to help a friend work on a wc3 custom map. I am new to jass but I saw that the 1.30.2 update made vjass and jasshelper included in the world editor. from what I have read as of the 1.30.2 update TESH and other helpers no longer work on the world editor. My...
  2. Amigoltu

    [General] WE 1.30 function list and TESH

    Hello everyone. I wanted to ask - is there a way to get SharpCraft WEX working with 1.30b version? And, if not, is there another way to get a list of functions and TESH? Or well, I can do without TESH, but the function list is basically necessary for JASS triggers.
  3. olvenmage

    Code compile errors.

    Hey there everyone, I've been away for 2.5 years or so, and finally found my map back that I had started then. I made a custom race, using a custom build animation, which, at some point in time worked, I remember. But when I loaded up the map and tried it out, I got tons of "Unknown compile...