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  1. Little Timmy NFT

    Little Timmy NFT

    Lich king helmet, double tower (arcane scout), gold pile, RARE green eyes, medium grin, Shrek background and Lordaeron Summer version. For sale for 230,000 gold and all your moral rights within the Metaverse.
  2. EggPooPoo

    The Old Hag Of Dark Wood

    You stumble across a bit of extra firewood. Another log or three wouldn't hurt right? :D Let's just grab it...and....YOW! You fall over, face in the grass. A stone! Before you have a chance to recover yourself, you feel a faint ticklish feeling on the sleeve of your upper arm. Feels like...
  3. Mishu

    Beginner's questions about lordaeron summer, cliffs and trees.

    Hello, I'm in the process of learning terraining (for playable maps) and since i want to estabilish proper habbits I'm in need of some help. My goals for a project are: I want to aim for that peaceful, bright and vibrant look of vanilla lordaeron summer villages and forests. Questions: How do...