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  1. AnyNameYouWish

    How to make a unit only able to move in deep water?

    I'm making a Naga RPG and I have changed submerged units to be able to move, and move faster than they do on land. There are two problems I'm running into: 1. I have set the submerged unit's movement types to 'float', but they can still move in shallow water. I want them to only be able to...
  2. cleavinghammer

    Adding new movement types.

    Is it possible to add new movement types in the Object Editor (like an anti-float movement type that prevents going in any water)? Specifically, allowing for a unit that can only move in deep water/dry land (and not shallow water)/shallow water without the use of triggers or pathing blockers...
  3. Darkside Moderator

    Shapeshifting into a Snap Dragon?

    So I'm trying to create a new Druid unit that turns into "Aquatic Form". I want the Druid to be able to shapeshift into a creature that uses the Naga Snapdragon model, however every time I shapeshift or place that unit into the map already shapeshifted, it always shows the submerged model, not...
  4. deepstrasz

    [Spell] Submerge with abilities? (~SOLVED)

    I can't seem to make it so that my submerged hero to have any other spells on but the emerge (reverse of submerge). Is it possible to retain all spells on which are on the unit before using submerge? Details: I just copied the Lady Vashj unit and set it as Special. Then copied the Myrmidon...
  5. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Vashj submerged version with movement, please?

    Basically, I need Lady Vashj submerged like the Myrmidon, Naga Royal Guard and/or Snap Dragon. This means, you can use their submerged version but the portrait has to be that of Vashj. One more thing, while moving the model needs too look the same as submerged. Please and thanks.