1. El Saif

    [General] Modifying stats using other stats

    There's many natives that allow us to change more of unit's stat than before like, base attack, armor, etc. right now. I'd like to figure out how to properly do it, for example there is one item in new Released game LoL Wild Rift that increases armor by percentage of the unit's mana. Or maybe i...
  2. Łapin Viktus

    How to put armor through stats?

    I would like to increase the armor of my hero through 2 different stats which are variables (integer), already created on my map: 1 stamina gives me 0.35 armor and 1 resistance gives me 0.5 armor. From these two variables (integer) can we increase the armor of my hero in relation to the ratio...
  3. Łapin Viktus

    [Solved] How to choose stats to my hero

    I will have my heroes select stats in a box in the same interface where the spells are chosen, creating a second interface where each of the boxes correspond to a stat. I have 10 different stats, each stats can increase strength, agility, intelligence, critical strike chance, critical strike...