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  1. TheFireMage

    Sprite for another Model

    Hello editors, thank you for reading this thread and helping me with it. I am having troubles with Sphere ability, turns out that some models have sprite made specifically for them. I wonder if there's a tutorial where you can add sprite to a model like blood mage.
  2. TheFireMage

    [Spell] Sphere

    Hello there, I thank you in advance for coming to this thread I think we all know the ability Sphere for Blood Mage which appears green fire balls flying around him. But when I add the ability to my custom hero, it shows up nothing. I did not edit anything. Why is that?
  3. cleavinghammer

    [General] Sphere ability and disappearing projectiles

    I used Sphere to create a Villager model attached to the weapon of a catapult, giving the catapult the same villager model as a projectile. But while the villager does appear in the catapult's arm and a villager is launched through the air (dying on impact), the Sphere villager dies while still...