1. troylowyee

    How to stop units from walking in a straight line when moving to a point

    I have this hero defence map and when i spawn creeps and move them, they end up colliding with one another and walking in a straight line. How do i get them to move in a formation/cluster instead? I've tried moving them to a midway point and waiting for a few units before issuing another...
  2. Rune

    World Editor help needed (triggers)

    Im currently working on a map idea, but i have been stuck for hours trying to figure out how to make a unit spawn from a specific building every 20 sec of the game. And how to make the spawning of units change owner if the building is captured by another player. Pls help me guys.
  3. CampScouter

    [Trigger] Spawn system comparison

    Well this is a spawn system from one of my friend's map(I'm not gonna state him until he replies here and says that this is his creation). So I need you to compare the two triggers to show which is better for cleaning leaks and which is more optimized. Only 1 variable was used in each trigger...