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sound editor

  1. jayjayduque

    Help for random sounds played when using spells.

    Hello, I wanted to create a spell that makes random sound quotes when it's being cast, but I don't know how to setup the trigger or the variables. I know a little about building triggers but when it comes to the variables, I'm kind of a newb.
  2. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Does the sounds leak if they are generated variables?

    I think the sounds just leak If they are created and not if they are generated variables, but can you confirm me that?
  3. SenPie69

    [Solved] Custom Unit Sound Set~

    Before posting this, ive search and seen the same way in the forum, and so is google what i did: >sound editor >replace internal sound >is wav file >double checked by playing it and it works >testing in-game, the unit is mute, doesnt work, didnt create any sound... why is that? is trigger a...
  4. HerlySQR

    [Misc] How to convert a non 3D sound in a possible 3D sound

    You know when you wanna add a sound in your map as a 3D sound you simply can do: But sometimes you can't do that: Since I have not seen anyone explain how to fix this, now I will tell you how I did it: You need a program that can edit sounds or music or videos for do this, I will use...
  5. Beserkerman8

    Sound Editor Replacing Sounds.

    I all of the sounds for "thecaptain" and gave my unit the correct voice based in that edit. Everything was going great till I realized I edited the same sound in twice, when I attempt to replace the sound file again it refuses and uploads the new sound seperately. TLDR: How might I replace a...
  6. FlameofChange

    [Solved] Imported combat sound not playing

    Hello there, small problem i got very recently. I created new combat sounds and imported them to my map. It's not a problem of method. When double-clicking the sound in the sound editor, it's played rightly. Then, while testing in game, only the imported sounds never play ! It's because the...