solo map

  1. burningmaul

    dungeon berserker needs development :(

    hi everybody, im currently working on a dungeon crawler solo RPG game named "dungeon berserker" as an introduction for a series of rpg maps named "dungeon breakers". The game is meant to have some intense real time action and powerfull bosses, to make it a real challenge, and probably secret...
  2. Zaaif

    Chess TD V1.36

    Hello guys I made my own TD map, that is inspired by Legion TD. So you build towers, that during the wave transform to units and fight mobs to defend the Golem. The game supports 1 to 4 players Map has couple of game modes: Mobs amount: -Standard -2x -3x Mode: -Solo -Co-op There are 3...
  3. CrazySpaz

    Map Warden 42

    Topic map and a few other that are solo maps I DL'd I can't figure out how to get working. When I load the custom map it doesn't place me in the party just shows open slot. I'm new to this and I'm prob doing something wrong. So if any can point me in the right direction it'd help a bunch.