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  1. Mathayis

    *Solved* Signs for Inn, shops request

    Howdy there! Just wondering if anyone knew where I could find some sign models? I'm looking for something simple, perhaps a sign made out of wood that says "Inn" or " Weapon, armor shop" "Materials" Thanks! :D
  2. Planetary

    [Solved] How to properly allow 12 items in item shop's command card

    [solved, item shops have a limit of 11] I use AddItemToStock() to add items to a shop. It currently has abilities Select Hero and Sell Items. The Select Hero ability has had its selection icon disabled, but whenever the 12th item is added to the command card the 0,0 item disappears into the...
  3. Sleepless

    Shop Access Delay

    When approaching a shop, there's somewhere between 1-2 seconds delay before you can actually purchase anything from it. I want to know if there is a way of fixing this delay. I tried searching in Gameplay Constants with no result. Any1?
  4. Shooterman56

    Shop Prices

    Is there a way to make a specific shops sell items at a higher cost and buy them for a lower price?