1. Elite Grunt Alternate (Horde Shield)

    Elite Grunt Alternate (Horde Shield)

  2. Fallen Wizard

    [Spell] Large Mana Shield

    I was wondering if it's possible to make a larger mana shield, like a dome of protection that surrounds all units within it and stops enemies from entering, or attacking the units inside. And some thing else... if I make this spell, is there any way to set a variable for it? I mean like typing...
  3. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Trigger] Creating a GUI-friendly damage shield?

    Hello again everyone, Today I'm working on a spell that, when cast on a unit, absorbs the next incoming X damage that occurs within a set time range. I have it working for 1 unit at a time, but I'm struggling to get it to work for multiple instances at the same time. Here are my triggers...
  4. Aoe Shield Ability - YouTube

    Aoe Shield Ability - YouTube

    Uses this model for the dome:
  5. Recklessness

    Damage Bubble Ability

    Does anyone have any idea on how to make or get started on an ability that function almost exactly as Power Word: Shield from World of Warcraft? I essentially wish to make a spell that upon activation it places a bubble around a character that would shield them for x damage (damage of all...
  6. Tutko

    Shield of honor / Mithril Plating icon

    Hello can someone make passive icon for Shield of honor / mithril plating (they're the same) ? I couldn't find any of it on hive. Thanks!
  7. Lynel Shield

    Lynel Shield

    It's a shield which can be used as a Weapon too
  8. Hazop

    Shields Disappearing

    I have found these excellent shield models yet when ever I use them they disappear. For example: I'm making a militia unit using the villager model and attachments when the unit with the attachment attacks the shield disappears until the attack animation is over. Any solutions?