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  1. 3D Model on Blueprint Presentation Combo!

    3D Model on Blueprint Presentation Combo!

    Why yes, I did spend the whole day working on something completely unnecessary just because I thought it would look cool
  2. SentryTurret Terrain WIP

    SentryTurret Terrain WIP

    Really can't seem to make fog behave the way I want it to. But hey, that's what Photoshop's for. Even though I'm calling this a wip, the final image is actually sorta done : p
  3. SentryTurret Preview

    SentryTurret Preview

    Dropped all other wips to remaster another one of my old models lol I'm about 70% done with this model now -- only need to add Death, Decay, and Portrait animations then I'll get ready to upload it
  4. BrothForMyPeople

    Spirit of Vengeance, changing textures to HD Watcher

    Is it possible to change black-transparent texture of Spirit of Vengeance to HD Watcher? I basically want to obtain WC3 Sentry unit with remastered textures. I'm uploading images to illustrate my intention.