1. Mister_Haudrauf

    Mister_Haudrauf's Self-made Wip Model Gallery

    Firstly this thread was made to show you the progress of specific models that i am going to make with the Tool Milkshape3d. Be aware that it will take a while for such models to be made. So be patient. 1.Models that are scratch-made and that i will upload. [/SIZE] Texturing Bone...
  2. Lynel Spear

    Lynel Spear

    A simple spear made with a taken reference.
  3. Lynel Sword

    Lynel Sword

    A mighty Sword for equally mighty Warriors.
  4. Lynel Shield

    Lynel Shield

    It's a shield which can be used as a Weapon too
  5. Lynel Bow

    Lynel Bow

    Well a Bow with the Reference being the Name and look. (Just google it)
  6. Threim

    Matrunian Tournament

    Hello fellow wc3players! I plan on hosting a wc3 tournament! It's a somewhat meele tournament. There is a difference which I will list below! :D Meta is different Some characters have been buffed, some characters have been nerfed. I will list all the final changes long before the tournament is...