second war

  1. StromwindRuins


    Stormwind City, right after it was destroyed by the orcish Horde.
  2. Orc Doodads

    Orc Doodads

  3. WarCraft: Chronicles of the Second War

    WarCraft: Chronicles of the Second War

    Official logo of our Campaign project made by ShadiHD and me. Re-uploaded again¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. KilianKilmister

    "WC II Tides of Darkness" retold (2 Demo Maps included)

    Searching for people to work on a campaign re-telling the events of 'Tides of Darkness' in compliance with modern WC lore. For people short on time, here are the pointers: -Introduction: On the Road to Reforged i decided to replay WCII and i'm sad to say that it just doesn't hold up Gameplay...