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  1. Admiral's Tomb

    Admiral's Tomb

  2. V Clan

    V Clan

  3. Yovonian Navy.jpg

    Yovonian Navy.jpg

    The kingdom of Yovon is located in the Southern part of the Continent of Oros. Because of this location, the people of Yovon mastered the arts of the water, both in Tidal Magic and in Naval warfare. Led by their Admiral, the Navy can brace for any storm they will face. Even the coming Darkness...
  4. sea ruins

    sea ruins

    pics from Enthashara's Tales next ver
  5. DaveDave91

    Submarine Ambientation SCREENSHOTS

    I was doing a lot of "architecture" let's say, in the editor and I was already wanting to do something with nature, but this time I did both, a temple sunk in the depths of the sea and the underwater nature and with the creatures that claimed the place.
  6. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Blue Sea Elemental

    Can someone make a blue reef/sea elemental (like the water elemental)? The original looks too green to match with my other units.
  7. deepstrasz

    The Frozen Throne menu sea creature

    0:50-> (a little to the left from the Quit button). Can someone please extract that model and make a doodad out of it with its animations? If not, at least do you know any similar models? Thanks.
  8. BrothForMyPeople

    Warcraft 3 Eastern Kingdoms map

    Hi there. I need the complete map of Eastern Kingdoms from Warcraft 3 interludiums. Basically the one I uploaded, but with better quality and without the white rectangles.
  9. EhrGhoul

    Sea lich

    I need lich model with some sea stuff. At first lich should have fins on elbows, shoulders and temples. Secondly lich should have shell attached to the front of his belt. At third lich should have small anchors attached to his chains. Also, the lich bones should be recolored into aquamarine...
  10. Neruvatar

    Fish Models Needed

    Not for my current project, but future projects. I need abundance of fish species that is complete with animations (if possible): Stand - 1 : standing still Stand - 2 : swimming Spell - 1 : feeding/eating Spell - 2 : laying eggs animation Death : death (duh) Morph...