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  1. Verdun

    ALIEN PLANET - Wayne Barlowe's EXPEDITION (Demo)

    Here it is, finally: Based on the book by Wayne Barlowe, in this open world type map you will be part of the 2358 A.D. Expedition to the alien planet of Darwin IV, exploring the planet in your trusty Hovercone aircraft as you see fit, while observing- and gathering data on local lifeforms. The...
  2. deepstrasz

    Esoterism, philosophy, science-fiction, mythology, symbolism and more in media

    I'll start with The Matrix series. (So far, we've seen a lot of themes like: -a possible exploitation of the human race by a sovereign higher/advanced entity; -questions whether the world we live in today is real or not; -perception of people and the world in general, if it has an influence...