1. SamuraiBody.png


    Samurai based on Peasant model. Made in Blender. I will try to finish it without custom textures.
  2. gore23

    [SD/Misc] Help Fixing/Recovering 2 Old Maps Please?

    I am trying to find someone with knowledge and expertise in fixing/recovering 2 older maps. These were pretty big ones for me, but after finding them, unfortunately. They were broken... I have come across other posts on various locations praising these two maps, as well as some trying to find...
  3. ShadowMidas

    William Adams skin needed

    I'm not Model and Skin maker. I would LOVE to see William Adam skin (Non-Copypasta) for herosamanosukeakechi, which is made by Black_Stan.
  4. auricgoldfinger

    I organise a Life of a Peasant Japan (LOAP) game

    Hi everyone ;) (welcome and please wait a sec for images to upload) I would like to play a Life of a Peasant, just like in the good old days. I really miss these maps. I have my own hostbot functioning on I mean there's no hosting problems for me. All I need are players :D let me...