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revive system

  1. BigMacNCheese

    [General] Revival System

    Hello, can i ask for help? How to make revival system in 2 types, Hope anyone could help me with it.
  2. WestTiger6

    Boss reset and hero revival after dying from boss

    Hello everyone! I am making a map with a bunch of boss fights. At the beginning players (1-8) choose a hero from a tavern. Then a Ressurection Stone activates (just in case they die before boss fight or even during it). So, at the beggining of a boss fight the room closes gates (so that players...
  3. DexterFstone

    trigger – works only for 1 player, why?

    this trigger work for player 1 only, way? and how to fixed? Revive Start Events Unit - A unit Dies Conditions ((Unit-type of (Dying unit)) is A Hero) Equal to True Actions Player Group - Pick every player in (All players) and do (Actions) Loop -...
  4. pplDotA

    [Crash] WC3 Hero Revive Problem

    Hi Guys! I have a question of the Hero Revive. I did a WC3 map and revive trigger. My dying hero revives not problem... But, some seconds later game creates my same hero and created hero race is Neutral. I tried to solve this problem but i couldn't take anyting. Can you help me? I did so many...
  5. SSJ7107

    [General] MPI Hero Respawn Trigger

    Any simple way to create a hero reviving system that isn't hard?