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  1. Nazujin

    Random Respawn

    Hello guys, i need a simple system that respawn a list of random heroes with different chances for each of them to spawn in many small regions (like monster master rpg respawn but with random monster or like a "pokemon respawn". The idea is that: set Forest[1] = region1 set Forest[2] = region2...
  2. Nortander

    [General] Automatically add droppable items to a unit

    Hey guys! I'm working on a little project now where one of the main protagonists (a neutral enemy boss unit) actually revives itself at midnight if killed. Like, he revives *every* midnight if he dies. I was able to make it up to that part without a problem. The thing is, I'd like him to keep...
  3. CampScouter

    [General] Hero Revival System

    So now, I'm currently working on hero revival system, and I just got the craziest idea: here is it The Array of the Countdown Timer is 10 so that when a unit Dies, it enters the Player number of the owner which is from 1 to 10. This is an automatic system HAHAHAHA For the Revival: So, I...