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  1. u wot m8_

    Modified Haunted Gold Mine issue

    I've modified a haunted gold mine a little bit, mostly cosmetic, but i've also modified it's abilities. Now every time i build this modified haunted gold mine, the gold mine it's built upon resets it's gold value to zero, and when i cancel the modified haunted gold mine's construction progress...
  2. JohnnyBoy

    [SOLVED] How to easy wipe older save codes?

    Hello Hive! Im using a save/load code for an RPG I am making and i need to wipe the old codes. Im looking for an easy way to wipe all the existing codes created for NPS save/load system. Is there a general/easy way to make sure the old codes will no longer work. Appreciate help and can...
  3. pyf

    Upcoming Diablo II ladder reset

    A few days ago, Pete Stilwell announced that the Diablo II ladder will reset on May 30th at 2 PM PDT. Plizz Blizz, make Diablo II great again. :wink:
  4. Flamable

    [General] Castle Fight styled game - win, rounds, random pick

    I would like to create a game that is similar to the Castle Fight games. The code my game lacks are: - how to let hosting player decide number of rounds - make the builders spawn randomly for players when player 1 types "-ar" - make the players chose their builder when player 1 types in "-ap" -...
  5. mohamy

    Reset Special Ability Cooldown

    i want something to ask how i do reset a specif ability cooldown? not all ability just a special ability