replaceable textures

  1. GamesofFreak

    Warcraft 3 1.31 Cliff Textures Location?

    I'm currently making a Campaign and I replaced the Terrain to a Desert Like Terrain, but I have Problems to import the Cliff Textures I made, because I don't know the Path in 1.31. Since 1.30 Warcraft 3 don't use .mpq Files instead they use .casc Storage for it. Know someone where I can found...
  2. Xardian

    Replaceable Textures for coat of arms?

    Hey there, I have a question about replaceable textures. My goal is to have a system with a bunch of symbols for the players coat of arms, which would be displayed layered over their teamcolour on shields and flags and such. Now I saw in Gaias ORPG that when you equip or unequip an armor you...