1. ravellani

    [Solved] Mass repair

    I would like to modify the human repair ability to heal all structures of a type that are next to each other. How do I trigger this? I also want it to auto-cast like the repair ability, so no spam clicking if possible. I thought of selecting all units of the repaired type and increase health...
  2. Henry_AC

    "Repair" add effect...

    Hello everyone, I was planning to use the Repair (or Renew) ability in a range of 300 or 400, that works, but I wanted to add a Graphic-missile by editing certain options, but the ability doesn't work...manages to repair at the distance I want, but to launch the effect it does it only once, and...
  3. ravellani

    Human Repair Item

    I have a simple question: Can the human repair ability be made into an item ability? Allowing a hero to build? What regular ability's can be made into item ability's? Thank you
  4. dell

    Model Request

    Hello i have one request to you @SonsOfSami you can give to the first four models the decay bone animation and repair the modelo of crossbowman
  5. Blaine Mono

    [General] A trigger action seems to be missing in my editor

    First of all, I'd like to say hello - I'm a long time lurker, but never had any input worth sharing here - hence never posting :) This time, however, I'm in need of help. After searching through the hive and other sites, it appeared to me that... I'm missing a trigger action in my GUI. I don't...
  6. Zoson

    Fix Model, please :)

    Model Credits: I do not own any rights on the attached Model, either the Creator of it is known. Got the Model from My Request: Repair Model and change its BLP file name to something more unique than "1.blp" Used for: Multiverse RPG...