1. ShadowSpawn

    Meat Wagon rework help

    Alright so I have some ideas on changes to this unit to make it more interesting but I have no idea how to implement them. I want to make the Meat Wagon use corpses as ammunition that leave a corpse at the attack location (kind of like Disease Cloud). Now I have a few questions. How do I make...
  2. Virus-X

    [Spell] Change Weapons(Replace Unit) problem

    Hi, i has my problem with my weapons when change weapons First, if i change weapons when the stat strength get a bug. Example: Before After Seconds, if i change weapons when all spell is under cooldown, all spell will reset it when i change. Example: Before After this is my trigger i...
  3. Diegoit

    Add charges

    I have a potion with 5 charges, i take another potion of the same type with 3 charges now the carried potion is removed and my potion now have 8 charges. Please help and thanks.