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region centered at point

  1. Death Adder

    [Solved] GetRectCenter & GetRectCenterX/Y not working?

    I had a problem with my trigger not working for some some reason, and I just couldn't figure out why. The coordinates always ended up at the center of the map, which they should not. I narrowed it down to the preplaced regions (rect) somehow not working, but no matter how I look and test it...
  2. bruunk

    [Solved] Does this leak? (Region centered at 'point' condition)

    I have a feeling that this might be leaking, but am not sure and cannot find any info on it. I know the points leak, I have a trigger running every .2 seconds, setting 'Point[22]' and clearing it 0.198 seconds later. More what I'm wondering about is the region itself. Does the region clear after...