1. Ofel

    Armor damage reduction per value

    If I have a structure that has 5 armor point value (Fortified type), and a unit that has 20 attack damage point (Hero type), the armor reduction of Hero against Fortified is 0.5. So the in-game damage result is 7.692. What is the formula to get the result damage?
  2. Ofel

    [Solved] Inaccurate damage reduction value?

    This function should return the damage bonus of an attack type against an armor from Gameplay Constants. function hAI_GetUnitArmorReduction takes unit u, attacktype aType returns real local boolean dmgEventEnabled = IsTriggerEnabled(udg_hAI_DE_DamageEventTrigger) local real...
  3. TheAyalalalalon

    Customize Gameplay constants - Armor damage reduction

    Hello I am trying to set the Damage reduction to a custom value, like the title says. What number i need to use to set this value to "1% damage reduction for every 1 point of amor" Such means that having 34 armor on the stats ends to having a 34% damage reduction