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  1. Kakorin(KvS)

    [Trigger] Recipe overlaps, making my system useless

    I've recently made a Recipe System, it's easy to use and flexible, but it works as long as you don't have recipes with similar items, which is bogging me. The Recipe System Problem: I can redo the system on JASS but i think it might ruin the easy process of making a recipe with the base...
  2. HerlySQR

    Adquiring a item for recipe although you have full inventory and stack items

    (I'm using 1.26) I see a lot of people have "solutions" for this, but I'm not sure if those are good options, can you suggest me a nice option to do this?
  3. Rykon-V73

    Help with a Recipe Shop

    In my edited version of the Friends map, I thought of having a recipe shop with recipes to allows items to fuse. I was only wondering: is there a way to switch to the next page, last page, page from before and first place just by using the Object Editor?
  4. Rheiko

    [Trigger] Auto-Item Combination

    So I wanted to make a system when someone buy an item recipe, it'll automatically buy the items needed and if the gold is enough for everything, it'll automatically combine the item. But I think the trigger I made isn't really good. Too much ITE Blocks, smh. I need help to simplify it if...