1. Barorque

    [General] Additional Rally Points

    Once again, I'm asking for your help... As the title suggests I wish to know what is the best way to ADD new Rally Points. I don't need to know how to chance the skin, the idea is to still have the 4 default ones, while adding an option for 5 new faction flags. The map in question will be a...
  2. Rektis

    [Solved] Unit with Rally: Right click -> Move instead of set rally point

    I gave a unit that isn't a building the Rally ability to use it as a mobile unit-producing "building" that sends units to the rally point. Problem: When rightclicking, the unit sets a rally point, instead of moving to the target point. Question: Without removing Rally, how can I make it move...
  3. Billy the Cat

    Rally the Troops

    topRally the Troops About the map Getting income Looking for feedback 400 aboutAbout the map Genre: Tech wars Maximum players: 5 vs 5 Suggested players: 2 vs 2 Current status: Published Description: Each player controls a worker to build a selection of structures. Structures...