1. Beckx

    [HD/Modeling] Immersive Priest Model

    Hello guys, i was trying to find a decent wowlike priest model with some nice animations and visual appearance similar to these pictures. Is it possible for someone to port it from WoW somehow for example ?
  2. Dark Troll High Priest

    Dark Troll High Priest

  3. Dark Troll High Priest Alternate

    Dark Troll High Priest Alternate

  4. Forest Troll Shadow Priest

    Forest Troll Shadow Priest

  5. Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate

    Forest Troll Shadow Priest Alternate

  6. Lady Malande.png

    Lady Malande.png

    Lady Malande (Illidari Council)
  7. Arkain Underground Industries

    Arkain Underground Industries

    No one knows what drives the dwarves to their conclusions. Some say it's ale, others, the lack of light, some say greed... Whatever the causes, the results are always controversial.
  8. ravellani

    [Solved] Weird Priest Icon

    I have a small issue. I made a hero and I wanted him to have the priests icon but in the game, the hero icon on the side of the screen is completely green. Why is this happening? I copied the fields from for icon from the priest and his icon works.
  9. BrazilEmperor

    Golden Staff :)

    Hello, my brothers! Could anyone recommend me some model of holy staff? a staff of bishop, priest or related to sacred magic, preferably of gold color ... Thank you!
  10. SNIper of DARKness

    [Spell] Priest Heal

    Hello, I have a problem with priests auto heal, they don't do it. I believe it's because my units have negative hit point regeneration so it doesn't count it as loss HP, even if they get hit by an actual attack or have 3 hp left, the priests will not automatically heal. Is there a way to make...
  11. BrothForMyPeople

    Animating a model

    So I've created (reedited/modified?) this model and I want it moving. Are there some animating tutorials?