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  1. HerlySQR

    Healing salve model

    How is possible I found models of a lot of items but not for the Healing Salve (or the clarity potion or the antimagic potion) if is somewhere, can you help me? If is not, can you make me this favor?
  2. InSaNe_97

    Healing potion stronger over time.

    OK folks, you know what I want. I want to my "Potion of healing" when consumed heal 20% of max hp + 1 for every 6 seconds passes in game. How I can make second part of my potion "+ 1 for every 6 seconds passes in game". Can anyone help me? Please? Thank you.
  3. Thunder7rd

    [Solved] Profession (iten creation and iten targeting)

    so.. im working in a map and it has profession, but im having some trouble with my first of them (alchemy), i put some restriction to make only the potion you can, but it doesn't work as it should be... plz help.. Alchemy Events Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability Conditions...