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pit lord

  1. Wingless Pitlord for Dota Map

    Wingless Pitlord for Dota Map

    Mannoroth's pink skin without wings. Brand new Ghouls at the back
  2. Red Pit Lord

    Red Pit Lord

  3. BossGengar

    Better model of Mannoroth?

    Is there such thing as a Cinematic/WoD style model of mannoroth. At least fire on the head and tail. He looks nothing like he does in the cinematic. Sorry for another Pit Lord post but I was wondering if anyone can find this. Thanks!:)
  4. BossGengar

    Mannoroth with HeroPitlord Animations

    I've been looking for Mannoroth with the Hero Pit Lord animations. Basically a HeroPitlord but with Mannoroth's textures. Or vise-versa? Would someone find this for me? Thanks in advance!:)