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  1. Lordul Dracula

    [SD/Modeling] Penguin mage/shaman model for a basic unit

    Hello everyone can please somebody help me with a mage/shaman penguin basic unit model? I need this model for my race. It can be even just a basic edit all i need at least is a penguin with a hat and a staff that have at least 1 attack and a death animatio. Pls
  2. Tal'Rarity

    [Solved] Epsilon's penguins

    Saw that some were wanting this including myself and also found out Epsilon did want these on site however they kept getting rejected filling his pack attempts with 0kb. Recently discovered someone had the entire thing and uploaded it elsewhere so I thought maybe I could share it here.
  3. Gold-containing terrain at neutral hostile spots

    Gold-containing terrain at neutral hostile spots

    It's possible to build the (custom-made) building called Gold Drills if you own the (custom-made) Goblin Worker Unit. These Gold Drills can only be build on the gold-containing terrain which is the brown spots on the ground in the picture. A screenshot of the map Divided Lands.