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  1. TaranZhu.jpg


  2. Emperor Shaohao2

    Emperor Shaohao2

  3. Emperor Shaohao

    Emperor Shaohao

  4. coconut

    [Solved] Need original pandaren model as import model for map

    For my map, I need the original pandaren model, but slightly modified so that it is associated with darkness, shadow, but not much, a little change in the eyes or hat or clothes and that's enough. You can also make some small effect to the eyes or around the staff (but not like a sphere). In...
  5. Three Spirits of Brewmaster from my Dota project

    Three Spirits of Brewmaster from my Dota project

    Storm, Fire and Earth Spirits.
  6. Brewmaster skin for Dota map

    Brewmaster skin for Dota map

    Based on Black_stan's Pandaren skin: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/pandarenbrewmaster.61118/ I do not have permission to share this skin, sorry... But you can find icon for it here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/brewmaster-icon-dota-2-style.340616/
  7. Kemayo

    Storm, Earth and Fire units

    Hi there! I would need someone to make unit models of the Storm, Earth and Fire Reforged models, both the lvl6 and lvl8 ones. Meaning to remove their hero glow and add death animations. Many thanks in advance!
  8. IMG_20180917_124159


    Pandaren Buildings
  9. Kakorin(KvS)

    Extreme Request!!! - Fire Panda with Hat

    I know that the title is rare. Anyways, my request is : a Fire Panda without the hat in back, instead in the head. But making no use of storm spirit portrait in the world model ( unit ).
  10. Homor

    Ranged Pandaren

    This is a very general request and I assume it's something a lot of people have been waiting for or really need. I really want someone to make a ranged Pandaren unit. It could be a rifleman, spear-thrower, archer, arbalest, just as long as it's ranged. Really appreciated!
  11. Kakorin(KvS)

    Simple Request - Earth Panda Hat

    Hi :), i was playing warcraft iii, and i looked into the earth panda ( brewmaster ultimate ) icon, this panda has a hat!. please a hat for this panda :(. I don't think somebody can help me in this, but thanks for reading this. :)
  12. stein123

    Pandare Raider

    Hello! can someone help me with this request? I want to change the mount and the weapon of this model: PandaRaider - To change the wolf for this tiger: Tiger - To change the crude weapon for this one: Pole Sword
  13. Mr.Henci

    Attempt to create pandaren buildings

    I had some free time on my hands and found my older project of the hunter's hall. I was attempting to create building pack for Pandarens but get bored throughout the process. Now I'm thinking about comming back to it :) What are your thoughts on it? Any suggestions? Let me know, every opinion...