1. AngelCraft

    An Unit Immune to Stuns and certain effects, using PauseUnit.

    Previously, from what I knew in previous versions of Warcraft 3, before Blizzard gave the BlzPauseUnitEx feature, units could be immune to certain stuns using morph, mainly this is demonstrated in Dota 1 with the hero Alchemist and his transformation. But was there really just that way to make a...
  2. AngelCraft

    [JASS/AI] An Attack (Missile type) that does not generate alerts to the enemy. (Tutorial still in testing )

    The method: It is simply based on the Barrage ability, which you can use on a unit that has a missile-type attack. The Barrage ability will only take effect on one unit, and this will be the same unit that attacks (Self). Using a damage system like Bribe's, you can see that the attacking unit...
  3. Reinhold

    [Import] Importing other models into my map

    I seem to have trouble with this. I found for example an Impact.mdx that's like Finger of Death, but it's blue, instead of red. I tried to insert it into my map. It worked, but the effect doesn't show anymore. Is there any other way for the effect to show right?
  4. TheSilverhand

    Zombie Infestation

    Map Name: Zombie Infestation Creators: TheSilverHand, ... Position: Terrainers, Triggers, & Nerfing/Buffing. ( People who can nerf and buff stuff ). Summary: Depending on the Game modes selected; Easy, Normal, Hard, & Endless game mode = The Survivors will be sent to travel around the map, to...
  5. HungaryMaster (Magyar)

    Snow Pine retexturing, how?

    How to retexture the Snow Pine model from this model: SnowPine - I need Ashenvale Pine Tree - In the world editor is going retextured, but in the map (campaign), i't doesn't work.. Why? :)