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  1. Matthew's_warcraft_book

    Is there a way to change object order in object editor? If not, is it possible to have different object names in-game than in object editor?

    I have a couple hundred custom units, and right now I have them organized by putting a few identifying letters in front of the name, and then sorting alphabetically. However, these letters also show up in the names in game, which is a problem. Is there a way to re-order objects without using...
  2. Xeryxoz

    [GUI] VDAAO - Variable Duplicate Aversion And Organization

    Introduction I am sure everyone has experienced a duplicated variable once or twice in a map they were making. There are always many ways to regulate it, but nobody really does it. So in this tutorial I will be showing a few neat ways of how to avert Our options... The best one is using the...
  3. Geritos

    [Solved] Organization

    When Im working with WE I like to have everithing organized. Of what I know the organization is very limited. For example in Object Editor, category units, you can only sort by the race or if the unit is from "Melee" or "Campaign". So is it possible to make custom folders or Is there any other...