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order id

  1. HerlySQR

    Has the Order id stored the target-type?

    Hello, I just found something weird that I didn't notice before, I created an ability based on channel and gave it the order id of chainlightning and it has point target, then I tried to order an npc to order chainlightning in some point with triggers, but refuses to do that even if I could...
  2. kuilg

    [Spell] Order categories

    Some users are not familiar with triggers, like me, so they use the WE avoinding coding, just creating terrain, placing objects, importing or customizing in the Object Editor (OE). Nonetheless, the OE is not very clear in its reach, since there are many sort of useless fields, if not mysterious...
  3. Terradul

    Tiny Building Order ID work-around (Is there a better way?)

    Since all the tiny building spells use the same order ID they can't be used on the same unit. I've found a work-around by making each spell contained in its own spellbook, but the extra steps make it really jank. Is there a way to make it so once the spellbook dummy ability is activated for it...
  4. Eikonium

    Multiple Toggle Abilities in Spellbook

    Hi guys, I have created multiple custom toggle abilities (with turn on/off) that are based on the ability Manashield (I chose Manashield as a basis, because the ability should not interrupt the units current order). I want to use them on the same unit within a spellbook, but get two problems...