new project

  1. TheSilverhand

    [TSH] D&D Reforged

    So a long time ago I had made a request for a TSH D&D Map. I lost the project after a while into the map. So I have come up with the idea to redo the map but in the biggest tile set possible. so that you can have as much doodads as possible and you can make larger areas for the players to...
  2. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    [Campaign] Looking for Feedback on new Project - "Dungeon Explorer"

    So i recently came back to w3 modding after a long time and decided that its finally time to stop doing half assed projects which never get finished and actually see something to an end for once. I decided to do a campaign with a series of WoW-like dungeons where the player instead of...
  3. TheSilverhand


    I am working on a New project. It is called: "Elven Captor Arena" The Goal is to pick your hero out of 3. Each hero has different abilities and different attributes: Fierce Blade Striker is a Strength Based blade master who uses the Grom Hellscream model. He uses shockwave and a few other...