1. Kedras666

    [HD/Modeling] Dark Ranger/Pit Lord Undead Dissipate

    Hi there, I've been looking for Reforged Dark Ranger and Pit Lord models with undead dissipate, I know there is an SD version which I like quite a lot, but so far I couldn't manage to find or to make Reforged versions myself because I lack in skill and proper model editor that would allow me to...
  2. Rektis

    [General] Neutral Passive peasant stops harvesting lumber - How to disable stopping?

    The Neutral Passive player on my map has a Lumber Mill and Peasants. The Peasants are sent to harvest wood. They start harvesting until they're full, but then don't return the lumber. It works when I set ownership to one of the "normal" players. The Peasants of Neutral Passive also actually can...