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  1. trlk

    How to port a map from a Netease to original Warcraft? (Troll & Elves)

    www.epicwar.com/maps/313111 (original) www.epicwar.com/maps/313125 (changed description) Troll And Elves 新巨魔与精灵v3.9.6 by 详见F9 I really love this map, but I need help. This is the Chinese version of the trolls and elves from the NetEase platform. And it doesn't start on regular Warcraft. Hope...
  2. Otherknownoise

    A netease site with some free chinese models

    There's a netease site that shares some free chinese models. 网易艺匠 This site charged people few years ago but no one is stupid enough to pay, then netease made those models all free. You can download whatever you like, but I'm not sure about whether these models are game rips. And you need to...
  3. Otherknownoise

    Find some hive melee maps on Netease Platform

    Excuse me, may i ask if some melee authors or hive activities related to Netease? Why i see some hive maps on netease platform? If not, please encrypt your melee maps in case Netease steal it! These are examples-- Netease: HIVE:
  4. Iliya

    Netease, Future of Custom maps and proof of the remake!

    Hello I promised to this a lot earlier but was really busy with exams I forgot. sorry about that. I think its needed as most people including myself recently, do not know what Netease means and what its success means. I know most of you are now thinking Blizzard does not care about the Custom...