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  1. Homor

    [SD/Modeling] Thorned Hulk from Diablo 2

    This has been on my wishlist for ages, but I never made the request until now. The Thorned Hulk is one of my from Diablo 2 enemies, and I think the in-game Battle Golem animations would work perfectly for him. He's a big bulky wood golem with cool spikes. Hope it isn't too difficult. Reference...
  2. Bawbz

    [Altered Melee] Spellbringers - Open Beta (and chance to win up to $300)

    WHAT IS SPELLBRINGERS? Spellbringers is a total conversion mod for Warcraft III Reforged, completely changing the game into a classic real-time strategy game that is full of surprises. It boasts all new units, many custom models, and completely asymmetric factions. There are no heroes in...
  3. Dispatcher

    Simple Icon Recolor

    Is it possible for this icon to be recolored as Green? to think of it as a kind of nature like icon. so can somebody recolor it pls. Edit:also can somebody make this icon edit this icon to a normal BTN icon the UPG icon is what i'm talking about it cannot be edited through Button Manager it...
  4. Mathayis

    Mountain doodads and rock walls request

    Hey there! Yet another little request :) What I'm looking for is some high quality Cave/Rock wall doodads along with some Mountains /rocks...Grass.... While I could make do with some of the doodads here, I'm kinda interested in finding the best of the best just to make the terrain in my Rpg...
  5. Wood Elves

    Wood Elves

    WE Army V0.4
  6. CodeBlack

    [Spell] Ui/ way to provide overview over stacks

    Hey there, Im currently trying to find a way to show the player how many Stacks he accumulated on a certain ability without using messages (they look ugly af). The ability has 3 different stack types and i dont have enough space to place 3 dummy abilities as info fields. i tried to use the orb...
  7. PrinceYaser

    Moon View

    Just another terrain... Comments and crits would be appreciated of course.
  8. PrinceYaser


    Nature... , Killing the time... I love terraining however! Tell me your opinions guys, they are very welcome! :)
  9. PrinceYaser


    Hello, guys! Another nature terraining of my gallery. I hope you like!:p